Instagram is one of the most popular picture-sharing social media sites on the web. Most people who take photos of themselves, their lives, their friends or their family have an Instagram account. Not only does it allow you to keep and organize all of your pictures on one convenient account, but it’s an ideal site for sharing your life and all of the events that follow. You might be wondering how to get Instagram followers so that your pictures get more exposure. In order for you to get followers on Instagram, you need to know what you’re looking to achieve with your account and then strive to make the necessary changes.

Why It’s Important

The reason it’s important to get more followers on Instagram is that it encourages your pictures to gain more exposure. This is especially crucial if you rely on money that is generated through your Instagram account. For example, if you are incredibly popular on Instagram, you might make money by posting often enough. On the other hand, if you have a business or product that you are promoting, having a popular account on Instagram ensures that your items or services get more recognition. Instagram should never be an ignored social media platform, as it can generate a lot of leads and cause your company to finally reach its peak.

Methods That Work

Below are some methods you can use to get followers on Instagram if you are currently lacking in numbers or simply want to have more people follow your account, like your pictures or make use of the company or products you are offering.

Like Others’ Photos

Besides using methods that allow you to get Instagram followers for free, one way to gain more followers is to like other people’s photos. The more photos you like, the more people will come to your account and either like your pictures or follow you entirely. Reaching out to other people also gives the impression that you are outgoing and want to engage with others.


There is no other way that is quite as effective at gaining more followers than holding a contest. People love contests and would love to be able to win a wide range of different things. Plus, if you have a company that creates and sells products, being able to offer these products for free in the form of a contest is a wonderful way to gain more followers. You can prompt people to join your Instagram account in order to be entered to win.


As with a contest, a giveaway involves a sample that people can sign up for and receive. By offering free sample giveaways, you can get more followers because they want to try out the products or services that you are offering. A giveaway could also be something that a person gets if they attract more people to your Instagram.

Promote Your Instagram Account on Other Social Media Accounts

If you have other social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter, you should make use of those platforms to gain free Instagram followers. People will see on your Facebook or Twitter page that you have an Instagram account and will follow you because they like your company.

Post at Popular Times

Some of the best times for you to post on Instagram to get free Instagram followers is either 2 am or 5 pm. Research has suggested that these times are the most ideal for when you are looking to gain more likes and followers on your photos. Also, Sunday tends to be the slowest posting day for individuals, so you are more likely to be noticed when fewer posts are being added to the site.

Quality Over Quantity

You might assume that posting a picture an hour is going to gain followers, but it might deter people away. If the images you are uploading make no sense or have very little depth to them, people will easily become annoyed and either not follow you or stop following you if they already are.

Complete Your Bio

To get more followers, you need to have a complete profile and biography. If your Instagram looks too new or is missing a lot of content, people may be wary to follow you. Plus, people will judge your Instagram on its biography, so it has to be interesting and engaging to your clients.

Be Consistent

Posting one photo a month or every few months isn’t going to keep your followers interested in your account. If your account looks dead or like it isn’t updated frequently, this can prevent people from wanting to follow you.

Calls to Action

Let people know that you want them to like or comment on their pictures. By adding a call to action for every photograph that you post, you will have more people engaging with your account, and this will make it more likely that you get more followers.

Post Lots of Different Photos

It might be tempting to post photos of yourself all day, but it is crucial that you post varying pictures of all different subjects. For example, one day, you might want to post a photograph of yourself and the next, you post something that shows other aspects of your life.

Invite Guests to Post on Your Account

Don’t be afraid to get your followers involved on your account. Ask followers or potential followers what you want to see and then post the results of your favorite picture. Not only does this engage your followers, but it makes it more tempting for them to get involved in the future.

Photo Editing

Not every photo you take is going to be Instagram-worthy. This is why photo editing is so popular and is going to help not only make your account look more professional, but it is going to allow your pictures to gain more followers. There are lots of different programs that you can use that will help the photos to be edited in an expert manner.

Paying for Followers

There is a way for you to obtain Instagram followers instantly if this is something you feel will help to boost your account and get more people interested. When you have very few followers, this can deter other people from wanting to make use of your account because it looks inactive and not very well-liked. Paying for followers is easy, and you can effortlessly gain hundreds or even thousands of followers in just a few minutes.

While all of the above tips are well and good when implemented correctly, you might be still wondering how to get more free Instagram followers instantly without it takes weeks, months or even years. Paid campaigns are effortless, even for those who are on a budget. We can help you grow your Instagram account faster with followers. We provide excellent marketing campaigns that will get you results in less than 24 hours. This not only allows your Instagram to have a ton of followers right off the bat, but it encourages more people to like and follow you as a result.