Since their inception, Hashtags have evolved to be among the most dependable tools on the internet. You can use them to find information that is related to each other. They first came through Twitter, but they are now used in all social media networks. In the case of Instagram, you can use hashtags to find photos that are related to each other. Let’s take an example of a music festival such as the Coachella. If you want to see more photos and videos of the event on Instagram, you just need to use the relevant hashtag.

Hashtags have a critical role that they play in a business, especially those that depend on Instagram to market their products. First, they can increase the size of your audience. Your Instagram posts will be viewed by many people who are using specific hashtags. Secondly, hashtags have the ability to promote user engagement.

Some Instagrammers may want to get more information about your business. This can motivate you to streamline your business to meet their needs. In general, hashtags are an essential tool that you can use to market your business on the Instagram.

Hashtags Not Working 

Despite their benefits, you should not put your whole heart on Instagram hashtags. Sometimes, they can fail to work. If hashtags are not working, it means that your Instagram posts will get minimal attention, and consequently, low traffic. This will indirectly affect your income. There are many reasons that can prevent your hashtags from working. Fortunately, we have recommended some of the most appropriate solutions that you can use to make the work.

Here are some of the reasons why Instagram hashtags are not working for you: 

1.  You Tried To Use a Banned Hashtag There is a repercussion of using banned hashtags.

Did you know that there are banned hashtags? Instagram has banned more than 70,000 hashtags. A single forbidden hashtag renders the rest of the acceptable hashtags null. If you use a prohibited hashtag, your posts won’t be discoverable. Unfortunately, with such a massive number of banned hashtags, you can easily find yourself using a banned one.

However, you can avoid making this mistake right at the point of drafting your Instagram post. Go through the list of the banned hashtags and see if you are affected. Some topics are too sensitive and using them attracts the penalty. Even though some words may sound innocent, they could still be among the banned.

2.  You Used a Limited Hashtag Limited hashtags are not banned.

You can use them freely. However, they can affect the way your photos appear for the relevant searches. Your posts may fail to appear for some hashtags hence lowering your engagement rate.

3. Unknown Problems

Even after sticking to the rules by ensuring that your hashtags are correct, you may still be on the receiving end of Instagram hashtags. This is because Instagram is having some issues with its hashtags feature. So far, it has not given any explanation about the problem. For instance, your photos may fail to appear in some searches. In another scenario, they may take some time before they appear. Also, your photos may be seen by your followers only. The non–followers won’t be able to see them even after using relevant hashtags.

How To Solve Instagram Hashtags Issues

One way of solving Instagram hashtag problems is by avoiding using them. Some of these penalties are easily avoidable. Avoid using banned hashtags, and you will be safe. Familiarize yourself with limited hashtags and avoid using them. It is always better to avoid the issue than to risk using it and face the consequences.

However, some issues are beyond your capacity. No matter how hard you may try, you will never be able to solve them. In fact, the problem may be with Instagram and not you. One way of dealing with such an issue is by using the trial method. Test the hashtags and see if they work. If the most recent posts generated by the hashtags are related to your content, you can go ahead and use the hashtag. This is because you have already proven that it is safe and effective.

Another solution is to delete and re-upload the image until everything works. You can also keep tweaking your hashtags until you find the perfect one.

Complaining to Instagram will take a long time. Embrace these solutions, and you will use Instagram hashtags without any hindrances.