Introduction to Instagram

Instagram has been around less than a decade, but it has already secured a spot as one of the most popular and successful social media platforms in the world. What started out as a simple way to share selfies and family photos is now a multi-million-dollar industry.

In the new age of social media, nothing beats using the latest trends to pump up your influence online. A total of around 3.8 billion internet users exist worldwide, and an estimated 2.7 billion are social media users. This is approximately half of the global population.

But enough about statistics, we are here to understand the benefits of using hashtags.

What is Instagram and what are hashtags?

Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share, like, and comment on posted photos and videos. It is primarily a picture-based platform with several extensions and improvements that allow for more intimate interactions, such as direct messaging between two users.

Hashtags refer to a word or phrase used designate to a specific topic of discussion and are used on several social media platforms to keep track of a specific strain of conversation. On Instagram, common hashtags, including #igers and #instamood, are frequently used all over the world.

Understanding the importance and the power of hashtags is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to get the most out of the platform.

Why use hashtags?

When you consistently use hashtags, no conversation will bypass you and your content will be viewed by many Instagram users. This will expand your presence on the platform, and you will not lose followers.

Hashtags get you likes and followers

The whole idea of using social media is to become influential and popular. Once you get enough likes and enough followers, you can be as influential as you dream. Hashtags get you to that place.

Three Tips to effectively use Instagram Hashtags to Increase Your Followers Base

Hashtags are among the best tools to ensure your presence on Instagram is felt by a broader audience. So, here are a few tips to ensure you get the best out of your Instagram account.

1-    Use the trending hashtags

It is vital when using hashtags to use the currently trending hashtags. Engage with pictures and posts that are relevant to the popular hashtag of the moment. This will ensure that people keep interacting with your account, allowing you to gain followers and likes at the same time. Talk about catching two birds with one stone.

2-    Use a combination of several hashtags

When posting a photo, it is vital to check the top trending and associated hashtags that can go hand in hand with what you are posting. However, do not overcrowd your post with unnecessary hashtags are not relevant to what you are posting. For example, if you are posting about dogs, it is illogical to use a

hashtag such as #computers just because this is the number one trending hashtag.  Do not seem too needy by using a lot of irrelevant hashtags.

3-    Associate your account with specific hashtags

Focusing on something specific will make followers stick by you. For instance, if your Instagram account is about healthy eating, constantly use hashtags such as #healthyeating to tap into all users interested in the topic. This will make you readily accessible to any user who has similar interests.

Ten Ways to Get the Most Out of Instagram Using Hashtags

1-    Marketing e-commerce products

These days, most potential clients are online. It doesn’t matter whether you are marketing nursing kits to new moms or sneakers to teenagers. Using hashtags will go a long way to help you advertise using Instagram, simply by increasing your visibility. Take the example of nursing kits. Using a hashtag related to breastfeeding will allow interested mothers to easily find your page and what you have to offer. In this way, you don’t have to work too hard to attract new followers. Just let a relevant hashtag do all the heavy lifting for you.

2-    Building brand identity

If you are trying to establish a business or a personal brand, hashtags will also help a lot by familiarizing people with what you have to offer. To accomplish this, the best way to use hashtags is to include the same tags on all your brand-related posts. With time, your followers and others interested in the hashtag will automatically associate the tagline with you or your business. That recognition shows you have succeeded in building your brand identity.

3-    Marketing events

If you work in the event promotion industry, you probably know better than anyone else just how powerful hashtags are. The best way to use them for an event is to have people who attend post pictures of themselves at the events using a specific hashtag. This allows other Instagram users who might be interested to get an idea of what to expect from the perspective of people who have been there. It is a simple and hassle-free trick but will do wonders when you are trying to market an event.

4-    Creating awareness about important issues

The world is a global village, but the sheer size of it means that you might not know all the important things going on around you. It could be some social injustice in the neighboring town, or a natural disaster halfway around the world. Staying informed and informing others is very important and this is where hashtags come in handy. If you want to create awareness about something important, all you need to do is to make it go viral. This is not exactly easy, but when it works, there is indeed nothing like it.

5-    It gives activists a voice and platform to air views

Are you passionate about human rights, environmental protection, animal welfare or something else equally as important? If you are, then you are probably itching to share your views and cause of change. This Instagram tool could help you affect change as an activist. Including hashtags related to your purpose in posts to highlight their importance will help you get the message across. A great example would be protesting deforestation by attaching a #saveourtrees tag to a picture of cleared forests. This is bound to start a conversation that might have a more significant positive effect than you expect.

6-     Sharing with like-minded non-followers

If you aren’t motivated by potential financial gain and you simply want to share beautiful moments and fantastic photography gems, all you need is a good hashtag. These allow people who do not necessarily follow you on Instagram to view and appreciate your posts. The best part is that the hashtags specifically encourage people who are interested in what you posted to see them. After all, no one who hates pizza would click on a #ilovepizza link, right?

7-    They allow you to contribute news and current events

Hashtags are often used as a tool by mainstream media to source information from the masses. For example, if there has been a natural disaster somewhere, they may request photos or videos to be posted and linked using a specific hashtag. If you are interested in being helpful in this way, this Instagram tool will be very useful to you.

8-     Keeping an eye on the competition

We started off the list by stating that hashtags can be used as marketing tools, but their business use doesn’t end there. If you are a smart business person, you can use this tool to scope out the competition. This is easy to do because if you are selling the same products or services chances are that you will be using similar if not the same hashtags. Use this access to find out what your competition is offering, why they are beating you (if they are), and how to get ahead.

9-     Increased Instagram followers

Social media platforms are all about meeting new people and making friends. Instagram is no different. Hashtags will help by allowing people with similar interests to interact with one another. Reports have shown that a huge number of new followers can be drawn in by interesting hashtags. The visibility provided when people search for a certain hashtag and find your posts also helps increase your following.

10-     Gives you a chance to be a trendsetter

Finally, you can use hashtags to start trends. It can be anything from a fun challenge to a fashion trend. This is a fun way to connect with people and share your unique ideas with the world.

Instagram Hashtags Help You Get More Followers

Well, it doesn’t happen magically. You need to follow some tips and tricks to make your posts engaging and to win more followers. Hashtags are not only meant to help you get Instagram followers, but they also let your audiences/followers browse posts with the same hashtags when they click on them.

So, there are multiple tips for using hashtags, but the most important advice is to choose the right hashtag for your post.

Making the right choice depends on your content. Whether it is a business or a personal profile, the rule is simple: the relevant hashtags will get you the right followers/audience. That being said, let’s go through some more hashtags tips and tricks, shall we?

1-    Take advantage of the search function

If you are not sure which hashtags would be right to use for your Instagram posts, you can utilize the search function. Simply type your desired keyword based on your business niche in the search bar and select the Tags tab. This will give you a list of the available related hashtags, along with the number of tagged posts.

2-    Monitor your competitors’ hashtags

Another way of finding the right hashtags is by checking out your competitors’ choices. You do not have to copycat, but this is a good way get some insights from the others on the platform.

3-    Consider your previous successful hashtags

If you find something that works well for your post, you should continue to use those hashtags for your future content. Browse through your posts and if there is a specific trend of the successful hashtags, apply them again to build on that success.

4-    Limit the number of hashtags

I know you might be excited about the hashtag trend, but this doesn’t mean that you should pour out all the hashtags that come to mind. Though the platform naturally limits you to a maximum of 30 hashtags, putting a more thoughtful limit on things can go a long way. Don’t use too many hashtags, lest your posts become spammy and irrelevant.

5-    Research

As you look for the most popular hashtags, you should see that some might be overused. If you use such hashtags, your post will vanish among the others, which will not win you as many followers. So, what should you look for in the popular hashtags? This is a good question.

Luckily, this isn’t rocket science. All you need to do is use popular hashtags but choose the ones that are not too obvious or overused. This is why you need to dig deep into your research. Pretty easy, right?

6-    Be specific

You want to use specific/niche hashtags to get the right audience. When you target your audience with the right hashtags, you will be sure to have more engagement on the platform. If you are after black forest lovers, don’t just hashtag cakes, but black forest cake in particular. Hit the nail on the head with all your hashtags; you will thank yourself later.

7-    Keep it simple and easy to read (and spell)

You want your followers to use your hashtags correctly. That is why you need to be careful about how you post. The hashtags should be short, simple, and easy for the followers/target audience to spell. If they don’t get the right hashtag, they will not get to your posts. Be accurate with your spellings;  don’t lose followers just because you misspell the hashtags.

8-    Ensure the hashtag means what you intend for it to mean

Sometimes, you might be in a rush, which will make you post the wrong stuff. A lot of people don’t bother double-checking their hashtags. That could be the reason for your posts not getting attention. Maybe you are just too careless with the hashtags. It could be misspelt content, the phrases might not make sense, or the hashtag might not link to the appropriate content. So, you need to double-check the content before you tap the Post button.

9-    Hide the hashtags

Maybe you don’t want to mess-up your captions. So, you will need to hide the hashtags appropriately. There are two approaches to hiding hashtags. First, you can include the hashtags in the comment section just below the post. When people comment on the post, the hashtags will naturally move up. This means that they will not be automatically viewable, but the audience can click on See All when they want to check the hashtags.

Another way to hide the hashtag is by placing them under the dots and line breaks. This helps to separate the hashtags from the caption. Don’t worry: this is also easy to do. Simply tap the 123 keys in the comment or caption box. After that, select return and enter a period. Do the same five or more times. Instagram automatically cuts off the captions after the third line. This will help to hide the hashtags automatically, but the users can still view them if they would like.

Free Hashtags Tools

With the importance attached to hashtags, it was only a matter of time before tools were developed for use in this niche. Here are five of the best hashtag tools available for you to utilize and benefit from its features.

Tag Blender

This free hashtag generator tool is useful for users seeking to find the combination of the very best hashtags that will come in handy every single day. The tool has subcategories that simplify the search to make it easier to get the results you desire. Such subcategories include Holidays, Animals or Food among many others. This is a tool worth your time.


As its name suggests, this tool directs users towards the hashtags that will generate the greatest number of likes. It is mainly an e-commerce tool used to generate hashtags for businesses to create traffic and increase their sales. Also, its user interface is very simple and extremely friendly.


As the name suggests, this tool is also an analytics tool. It rates you amongst your competitors in terms of traffic generated by your hashtag. Once you input your hashtag to the user-friendly interface and click on generate, the tool automatically produces similar hashtags and compares their performance to yours. Quite handy!


This is a hashtag generator that allows you to copy and paste the most relevant hashtags for your post. Once you input your keyword, this tool will generate thousands of hashtags that are popular and could be used in your post. You can then go through levels of filtering to find the best of the best popular hashtags. You then copy and paste the hashtags to your post and watch the post reach your entire intended audience.


This tool was made with e-commerce users in mind. It is a multi-hashtag generator that will give you a set of relevant hashtags for your e-commerce product. You do not have to go through the hassle of selecting several hashtags on your own. You browse through subcategories that match to your online store and select your set of perfect, trending hashtags.

In conclusion, there is no denying that hashtags are more than just a simple keystroke. If you know how to use it, you could turn your account into a mint. It doesn’t matter whether you take the influencer route or you use social media marketing to sell your stuff. Master the power of the hashtags, use them wisely, and you should enjoy the results in no time.