Is account viewer possible in Instagram private profile?

Besides Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is the third most used social media platform. It is synonymous with people posting their photos and videos. Instagram has two account types. The public account and the private account. In the public account, everything you do, or post is open and visible to everyone. Anyone can follow you, and you can’t accept or deny following requests. The private account, on the other hand, is closed for the public. This is because the account has settings that prevent anyone to see private Instagram pictures or videos. Only those approved followers can see what is in the profile.

A private account is not good news for someone who wants to see the profile content without interacting with the account holder. Many people will want to capture the latest pictures of their beloved celebrities, crushes or their friends. If they have a public account, then it is easy. If the profile is private, then it feels somewhat disheartening.

Is there a way to view the private profile of someone you want to follow?

Well, it is almost impossible to do so, but if you follow the following guidelines, then chances are you can learn how to see private Instagram profiles.

The danger of using privacy unlocking apps to unlock private Instagram profiles

With the onset of technology, it is possible to carry out many different activities on the Internet. Some people have turned to using some apps to unlock private Instagram accounts.

Though this is against Instagram’s privacy policies, people will ignore all that and try to justify their curiosity. There is no verification as to whether these suspicious private profile viewer apps might work. However, we should warn you and advise you not to use such methods as it could cause you to lose your account.

These apps claim to allow you to bypass the privacy settings; it will ask you to provide your Instagram account login details. Once you do that, the app asks you to provide the private account which you want to view. After this, the app will try to retrieve the private content for the chosen private profile. This does not matter whether the holder of the account blocked you or just denied you access to their account. Next, you can freely view the revealed account. It is important to note that these apps do not always work and usually they don’t last much because such activities are illegal. Using these apps is risky, and you could be putting your account at risk.

Create another Instagram account

If someone you need to follow blocks you, you could try another tactic to get back to seeing his or her account. Create another account, which is completely different from your original account. Make your new account as legit as you possibly could. This you do by posting good photos. The photos could be fake but if they look good and enticing, then most probably, the person that blocked you initially may accept your new account. Make sure you have a catchy biography and if you want the person you are after to accept your request, make your new profile private. This will heighten their curiosity and make them think that you are real.

After you have done everything, do not rush anything but wait patiently for the person to accept your request. Once they accept you, you can go further to send them a private messenger either thanking them or send out greetings. Though going to such lengths is too low, if you do not have another option, then you can try your luck.

Politely ask the person to add you

There is another polite way of viewing someone’s private profile on Instagram. How about try and politely ask them directly to let them into your private profile.

Send a private message

Even if a person has a private account, he or she can still receive messages. You can, therefore, send them a private message politely explaining to them why you need to see their profile.


The ways mentioned above are some of the best methods to use to view a private Instagram profile. It would be wise if you went with the last two instead of using the apps. If the person still does not add you, then move on and try another time or make new Instagram friends.