Private Instagram Viewer

In the internet age, a service or software like private Instagram viewer could ruin what’s left in online privacy forever, Nowadays, it can always feel like every aspect of our lives is publicized online. We now live in a time where people utilize things like Facebook and Instagram to get job interviews, and even connect with family and friends, .

However, there are boundaries that can be crossed and create worry. For instance, most of our online personalities are fully public without our knowledge of it. Facebook profiles default to being public, and so do Instagram profiles.

Thankfully, though, there are options to customize your given profiles, so you can retain your privacy by making your profile private, meaning that only the people you pre-approve can look at your profile whenever they want to.

With this, though, brings some lingering feelings. We live in a world where virtually anybody can do anything with the ease of a computer, and cyber-attacks are greatly feared on the horizon. Combine with this the fact that people share enormous amounts of information about their life via social networks, and this can be an even more frightening prospect.

Hacking is a worldwide phenomenon, regardless of which type of device you have, which operating system is installed, or how you use it. Though there are constantly evolving cyber-security measures being developed that are made to help people protect their information and stay savvy on the internet, the hackers are usually one step ahead of those who are developing these methods of keeping information safe.

Is Your Information Safe?

Many people worry about hacking invading their personal space on social media, especially with the information that they specify as private. For people whose information has been stolen without them being aware of it, they’ll often report that the tools used to steal their information were planted on their computer long before the actual theft took place. This is often true, as many hackers will put malware on somebody’s computer before they’re allowed to understand what’s going on. This way, when the information is stolen, it’s more difficult to trace back the action because of how far back the malware was installed on the computer.

Having malware installed without your permission can be as simple as clicking on a link or opening the wrong file. Many messages that go through social media can appear as clickbait, but be more threatening to your computer than you might think.

Installing antivirus software on your computers is a good step to tackling any unwelcome malware from getting into your devices, but social media is often a different story. Most of the time hackers do not want your passwords or other things that are stored in a computer, but rather the very information that’s on your profile. At that point, the data is in the hands of the servers on which they’re kept, which can be infiltrated using advanced hacking techniques.
Why should you be worried about this? Well, for people who are big users of Instagram and have private accounts, there have been rumors recently that people can access your account without having to request to follow you. For example, many people are worried that their private Instagram accounts are by others. Although you must specify if you want your account to be private and pre-approve anybody who requests to follow you, what if somebody was able to access your private Instagram account without having to go through the usual channels?

To add to this worry, a simple Google search will provide you with many different websites and services that purport to show you how to see private Instagram without being approved by the account owner. These types of tools say that they’re an Instagram private profile viewer or Instagram private account viewer and, for many, these websites can cause anxiety.

However, Do They Work?

Absolutely not!

We’re happy to tell you that these reportedly helpful applications and websites to look at private Instagram profiles are all fake and scams. If you try to use a private Instagram viewer, you will likely have your information fished and a virus potentially put on your computer without you knowing.
Of course, some people would enjoy being able to see private Instagram profiles. Hackers know this well, and that is why they then choose to target those individuals who would hope for that sort of thing. By giving a false illusion that what people want is easily accessible at the click of a button, hackers can lead users into giving away information and computer security without realizing it isn’t an Instagram private viewer.
This means that you shouldn’t worry about people accessing your Instagram account without you letting them into your private circle. Instagram’s servers are plenty secure and will keep your information safe.

How Do You Know Something Is a Scam?

One of the most enduring rules to use when determining if an Instagram profile viewer is a scam is to ask yourself: is this too good to be true? If it seems like it is, it probably is. Even websites that try to report facts on these matters advise that using scam sites should be done “at your own risk”, something that should immediately deter you from ever wanting to use them.
To determine if a page is a scam, you can also type the URL into Google, as many helpful websites contain information from other users on their interactions with any given site, meant to provide you with the power over whether or not you know any particular service is a scam or not.

Another way to tell if a website is a scam is by looking at the copyright on specific sites and checking out the rest of the website— often developers will make a website look official, but once you begin clicking around the rest of it, you’ll find it’s very flimsy and not professional. It will say you can view private Instagram, but then never really tell you how. This is a sign that the page is a hoax, made only to look professional to get information from other people.
So, there’s no reason to believe that your information will be stolen by people using tools to view private Instagram.
However, people can still get your info without you knowing if you’re not careful enough.

How Do I Protect My Information?

One of the best ways you can protect your information is to make sure that everybody you allow to follow you on Instagram is somebody you know personally. Many people who phish information from social media services can create alternate accounts that look just like realistic accounts but are made with the sole purpose of getting unauthorized access to your data.
So, there is no such thing as a private Instagram viewer, nor is there a way to learn how to view private Instagram profiles. But you should still protect your information at all costs when you can—be safe out there!